26 Ноя Продление договора оформляется дополнительным соглашением

Арбитражный суд Московского округа в Постановлении № А40-28401/14 от 12.11.2014 пояснил, что продление срока реализации инвестиционного проекта требует заключения дополнительного соглашения к договору.

Суд отметил, что соглашение об изменении договора (в том числе в части изменения сроков исполнения обязательств) совершается в той же форме, что и договор. Однако дополнительное соглашение к контракту о продлении срока реализации инвестиционного проекта не заключалось, срок действия контракта в установленном порядке не продлевался.

Окончание срока действия договора влечет прекращение обязательств сторон по договору. Договор, в котором отсутствует такое условие, признается действующим до определенного в нем момента окончания исполнения сторонами обязательства

RICHMOND, Va. -- The increased comfort level reveals itself in multiple ways for Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins.

One day, it’s the way he handles the play clock, changing a call with five seconds remaining -- something he wouldn’t have done in past years. He knows the offense, trusts what he sees Jordan Reed Jerseys and knows what teammates can handle. So a late adjustment is made.

Then there's the way he interacts with fans. After one short pass in practice early in training camp, a fan razzed him about dumping off -- and making $24 million. Cousins looked at him and smiled. Next play: He threw deep to receiver Terrelle Pryor, ran over to the fan and exchanged robust hand slaps.

Yet another example is the way he works out a route for a receiver Kirk Cousins Jerseys in practice. Or uses a wider variety of words for various calls. Or, when mic’d up for CSN Washington, he rattles off lyrics from the musical "Hamilton."

As the Redskins play their first preseason game at Baltimore Thursday night, it all adds up to a more comfortable Cousins. Certainly, it helps that he’s entering his sixth season -- and it matters even more that the past two have been productive. A big contract provides security, too, but his confidence doesn’t stem from money.

“I do feel better; I feel more confident,” Cousins said. “There’s just a greater relaxation, there’s a greater comfort level and ability to just be myself. If you mic’d me up three years ago, I wouldn’t be Ryan Kerrigan Jerseys in that place. My personality wouldn’t come through because training camp was my Super Bowl. It’s not a time to be joking around.”

Six years in, with an unquestioned hold on the starter’s job, Cousins can, finally, show all of himself. His work ethic hasn't changed, but occasionally a guy with his hair cut short isn't afraid to let it down.

“If you act like that every single day and never Sean Taylor Jerseys let your personality come through, that’s where I said the burnout can happen because you’re on edge all the time,” Cousins said. “As you get more comfortable and solidify your role and understand where you are and feel like you’ve been there before, you can relax, let your personality come through and just enjoy the game and play. I like DeSean Jackson Jerseys to think there’s a balance there where I can be the best possible football player when I’m relaxed, but also locked in.”